Additional Ways to Earn Revenue as an Instructor


Every instructor is eligible to participate in our Online Academy Referral Program. This program is a way for instructors to make additional money referring people to our online course training hosted on

This program has become very popular during COVID-19 as many people are not comfortable attending an in person class.

Any instructor that is interested in participating in this program will receive their own personal promotion code to provide to potential registrants. The cost of our online programs is the same as for the in-person classes, $69.95 US, but when a participant registers and enters the promo code that you provided to them at checkout they will receive $10 US off. We will pay you $10 (~$14 CAD) per registrant who takes an online course and enters your personal promo code (which they will be incentivized to do in order to receive the $10 discount). 

To apply to participant in this program you must fill out the request form in the instructor portal. New instructors can only gain access to the portal once they have graduated from this training.

WHOLESALE PROGRAM- Sell Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid Products

Pet Emergency Education sells a variety of retail items on its website such as pet first aid kits, respiratory masks, etc. Many of our class participants purchase these items with their registration. Some smaller flat items such as books, masks, thermal blankets, and decals, we will ship to you to hand out in class. These items will be in your package with your cards and certificates. Other larger items such as pet first aid kits, t-shirts, bowls and thermometers will be shipped directly to the participant at the address they provide to us in their registration form.

If someone purchased a retail item you will see the item listed next to their name on the  roster. You will hand them their item when they sign in. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PERSON INITIAL NEXT TO THE ITEM THAT THEY RECEIVED IT. If the item is listed in parenthesis, it means that we shipped the item to the person already. Anything else you should have and are to give it to them. The only exception to all this is late and walk in registrations. Anyone who registered late or the day of the class will not have any of their materials at the class. This includes cards and certificates. Everything will be mailed to these people after you turn in the roster to us. If

anyone asks you when will they receive any of their missing materials tell them that we mail the items out within a few days after the instructor gives us their signed, completed roster.

Instructors will be able to purchase first aid supplies to sell at their classes for a profit. Items can be purchased from our company for wholesale prices and then resold at the class and the instructor keeps the profit. ONLY Pet Emergency Education retail items are allowed to be sold at classes.

For a list of retail items we sell, please visit our website at

Below is a wholesale price sheet for all retail items that instructors may purchase and resell.

Click Here for price sheet and order form


Do you have a friend or colleague that would like to become an instructor too? If you refer someone to our company as an instructor and they complete this training AND purchase an instructor kit, you will receive $100. Applicants MUST mention your name on their application as the referrer. Applicants can live anywhere in the US or Canada and do not need to live near you.

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