Attendance Roster

Our attendance roster is a document that lists all of the participants’ names which have preregistered for one of our courses. It also has a space at the bottom where late registrations and walk in registrations can sign in. The roster is very important as it is the main way we can prove a person showed up for one of our classes and became certified. Without the roster we would not be able to validate the person’s certificate to any governing bodies or employers.

You are fully responsible for the roster for your classes. 

It is a binding document that validates certification.

You will be emailed a copy of the roster for each of your classes 24 hours prior to the class date. You are required to print our roster from your email and take it to the class with you. Every single person in your class MUST sign the roster next to their name with their full signature. This verifies for us that they were there and earned their certification. If you have a participant that is missing on the roster you must require them to show you their “ticket” or confirmation email that they received when they registered for the class. This proves that they did in fact register and pay. Its not often, but sometimes we do not receive confirmation from our website that someone paid and therefore they do not make it on the roster. If they do show you proof, simply have them print their name, mailing address and email address below the list of participants on the roster. They must also sign their name next to the printed information validating attendance.

Instructor Compensation

For all intents and purposes, the roster is your “timesheet”. This is how we validate how much you are compensated for each class that you teach. As stated in your contract you will receive $20 per paid person in the class. You are only compensated for individuals that show up and pay the registration fee. The roster is how we validate who showed up and who to pay you for. Instructors that tamper with the rosters in anyway in order to receive more compensation than what they are owed will be removed from the program and will not receive payment for that class.

Walk ins

We do permit walk-ins, however it is strongly discouraged. Walk-ins need to pay for their registration before the class begins. The desired method of registering a walk-in is to have them register on our website on their smart device, phone, etc. We leave registration pages open until after the class is over expressly for this purpose. We can also accept paypal. Our paypal ID is or Venmo ID @petemergencyed.

If this is not possible you may take a personal check. The check must be made out to Pet Emergency Education and is to be mailed to our office within 48 hours after the class. You must also charge the $5 late fee to all walk-in registrations. Walk-ins must legibly print their name, mailing address and email address on the roster with their signature.

Wrong names or misspellings

Occasionally names and e-mail addresses will be wrong on the roster. This can happen by a variety causes. Most often this happens because a boss or supervisor registered their employees all together and spelled their names wrong. Also people sometimes type their name and/or email address incorrectly when they register online. There is also human error at our office. For incorrect information, simply have the person cross out the incorrect information and print the corrected name, etc CLEARLY on the roster.

Submitting the Roster

After your class is held you must scan and email a copy of your signed roster within 48 hours to OR text a clear image of it to Amy at 720-361-9993. We cannot activate the participants” accounts nor give them their certificates until we receive the roster from you. It is critical that you adhere to this timeline.


Each person that registers on our website receives a payment receipt that also contains their e-book link, a link to their account and the details about the class such as what wear, what to bring, etc. This payment receipt says on the top of the page “This is your ticket”. The participant is instructed to bring this receipt to the class in order to be permitted into the class like a ticket. You do not need to look at everyone’s ticket. You only need to ask them to present it if they are not on the roster. They can show it to you from their phone/smart device or print out.

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