Avian Course Introduction

Emergency First Aid for Birds

Course participants will receive the following:

  • Access to animal and veterinary health care resources and manuals to accompany the program.
  • 2 year subscription to the Pet Emergency Education Online Resource Center
  • An official certificate that may be printed immediately upon completion from your profile
  • Veterinary and animal professionals will receive 1 CEU

Course Outline:

This online training consists of video presentations and tutorials which are asynchronous and can be viewed at the participants own pace. Participants may log in and out as much as they like but must complete the training within 60 days. Videos and tutorials are presented by Pet Emergency Education staff and our veterinary affiliates. Video presentations are tracked and progress is monitored throughout this training. You must pass each module and the final exam with a 100% or higher. The final exam may be taken multiple times to achieve a passing score. 

Technical Tips

Unfortunately Pet Emergency Academy cannot be responsible for the access to technology each participant has nor their computer, internet and browser capabilities.   While someone such as yourself completes one of our courses, we highly recommend using Google Chrome and having a solid, stable internet connection.  Internet connections on public WiFi are unpredictable and not recommended.  Also using a smartphone to complete a course is not recommended due to limited visual ability and varying signal access.  For technical issues please email to support@petemergencyeducation.com or call 844-PET-CPR9.



“This program is pending RACE approval.

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