CPR-How to Manage Your Trainees/Class Participants

Training centers will register their participants with Pet Emergency Education by filling out the Enrollment Spreadsheet (which is also your roster for attendance) and emailing it to our office within 48 hours after the class is held. This completed spreadsheet is also your attendance roster for those people who not only attended your pet CPR and first aid class but also passed the CPR testing section during the class. We have a lot of trust in your training center that you will be honest and ethical in the submission of your rosters. Only class participants that are listed on the attendance roster spreadsheet will be awarded certification from our company and we hold you responsible for providing accurate proof of attendance and class participation as well as validating that the participant successfully earned the certification we will be providing to them.

Click to Download the Enrollment Spreadsheet Here.

The enrollment spreadsheet is also how we upload your participants into our database and generate their certification accounts. Again, instructors from your organization are required to submit a completed roster within 48 hours after the class is held at which time we will activate their membership account on our website where the class participant will receive an email from us with instructions on how to download and print their certificate. Training centers will then be invoiced for the total number of class participants on their roster and payment is due upon receipt. Non payment will result in revocation of class participates’ certification and void their access to any class materials awarded during the class s well as access to the virtual animal emergency resource center.

You will be provided a URL link for the Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid E-book which you are responsible for distributing to your class participants. Links to access the E-book may be emailed directly to the participants by the training center or distributed by the instructor in whichever means they feel most comfortable with. E-books are web hosted files and cannot be printed nor downloaded! Participant must have an internet connection and open the E-book in a web browser. Our company has strict rules regarding all of its curricular materials for copyright reasons. Curricular materials including, but not limited to, E-books and PowerPoints, cannot be distributed in any other matter nor for any other class, event, or function. Your training center may also purchase printed books at a wholesale rate of $12.95 (retails for $24.95) if they so choose.

As part of our affiliate program, your training center will receive the class PowerPoint which is custom designed to follow our curriculum. Our curriculum is approved by the veterinary boards and must be strictly adhered to. No one is allowed to delete any information out of the PowerPoint but you may add additional material that you feel will be beneficial to participants in your area. For example, some instructors teach about snake bites as they live in areas where that injury is common. Any additional material you add MUST be pre approved by our office. As we mentioned be have very strict oversight from the veterinary community and we DO NOT allow any subject matter to be taught that is deemed restricted by the veterinary practice act. Some the forbidden content not allowed to be taught is:

  • No one may teach any information nor answer any questions in a class about medications both over the counter and prescription.
  • No one may teach about medical procedures restricted by the Veterinary Practice Act including but not limited to surgical procedures, advanced emergency skills such as placing catheters, endotracheal intubation, fluid therapy or other procedures often performed on humans but not allowed on animals.
  • At no time may instructors discuss controversial subject matter in a class, including but not limited to: Controversial information and organizations such as animal rights organizations, training equipment and training methods, personal opinions on animal breeds and breed laws and regulations, etc. This is a factual training program that teaches documented scientifically proven information to class participants

Every trainee must be “tested” on the material taught in any of our classes. You may choose to test your students in the following ways:

  • Hands on observation of the student performing the skills
  • Written test
  • Both hands on and written testing

Once we received the roster from you validating that the trainee has completed and passed the training they will receive an email from us with their log in information to their account on our website. This is where they will obtain their official certificate. Emails are usually sent within 48-72 hours after we receive your roster. If at anytime you have questions about enrolling trainees, payments or certificates please do not hesitate to contact us.

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