CPR-Getting Ready for Your Class

We want you to present a great experience to your class participants. Our programs are designed to provide a basic overview of first aid and CPR for dogs and cats. Throughout this training program we will provide suggestions on optimum ways to teach the material however you are welcome to have some academic freedom.

It is important to remember the restrictions we have on class content that was covered in module 1 of this training.

Please read through all of the components in this module including the lesson plans, class PowerPoint, E-book and most importantly view all of the videos in the Training Videos folder. The videos demonstrate step by step exactly how CPR is to be taught by you in your classes. You are welcome to use some of the training videos in your classes if you should so choose. They are all hosted on Youtube and need internet access to play. Videos are only allowed to be presented during Pet Emergency Education training classes.

Since Pet Emergency Education has very strict requirements about how the material is covered and what is covered we want to provide quality resources for you to utilize.

The video below is a suggestion on how to set up for your class.

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