Why Renewing Certification is So Important

Our certification is valid for 2 years at which time a participant must come back and attend another full training class. We do not offer abbreviated training for renewals. 2 years is the accepted standard length of time as determined by the industry.

Knowing how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a pet (CPR) can help save a life.  Taking a Pet CPR Certification class will provide all of the information and training you will need to help an animal in a life threatening emergency, but is this enough?  CPR is a form of emergency care that can be performed by a well trained individual, but the field of Emergency Medicine is always changing.  In 2012 a study that was done in conjunction with 900 emergency veterinarians across the county discovered groundbreaking methods to perform animal CPR.  These new techniques increased survival rates, as well as found ways to increase oxygen distribution throughout the body.  Some of the differences in these new methods of animal CPR include changing the position an animal lies in for compression, compression to breath ratio and assessment measures.  Significant changes were made to the previous way that animal CPR was performed, resulting in a new, more successful method. The way that animal CPR was performed just 4-5 years ago is very different then the most current methods recommended today. We don’t believe in “lifetime” Pet CPR Certifications;  today’s techniques and steps evolve into even better techniques and methods every couple of years. The research study that was conducted in 2012 showed enormous advancements in the way we perform CPR on dogs and cats.   Someone that took a Pet CPR certification class without required renewals just prior to that study being released would not being using the most current, successful method.  It is sad to think that some animals might have an individual trying to help them that wasn’t trained in the most current methods, possibly resulting in loss of life.  This is why it is so important to maintain your existing skills and knowledge as well as improve upon what you’ve been taught in the past.  The industry expects to re-evaluate animal CPR techniques every 2-5 years making it VITAL for individuals who have been certified in Pet CPR to maintain their certification by attending another class when their certification expires.  It is imperative to renew certification with a reputable company so that when the time comes that you may need to use CPR you will know exactly what to do in the most current, proven and successful way.

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