EQ Lesson 2 – Importance of the Equine First Aid Kit

Importance of the First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies that involve animals should have first aid administered immediately. These situations are considered a health crisis and many can become life-threatening very quickly. Appropriate first aid measures can keep your animal alive until you are able to get veterinary care, can prevent a traumatic injury from getting worse and alleviate pain for your horse. Any pet owner, animal lover and animal business professional needs to have the essential first aid supplies handy if and when an emergency occurs with an animal. A first aid kit for dogs, cats, horses and people is a vital component in an emergency. Pet Emergency Education sells top quality pet first aid kits on our website at www.petemergencyeducation.com. It is suggested that you have at least one full size first aid kit in your barn, plus one travel size kit in your trailer, saddle bags on a trail ride, etc. First aid kits need to have a variety of medical supplies in them so that no matter what the emergency you have what you need to manage it. Be knowledgeable on what supplies you need so you can find a kit that best suits your animal.

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