EQ- Lesson 3- Reproductive Emergencies

Reproductive Emergencies: Broodmares do not often have problems, but when they do, it can quickly turn into a disaster. These are some of the most difficult and time-sensitive situations a veterinarian can face. Dystocia (difficult births), abortions, uterine torsion, placental separation, post foaling uterine hemorrhage and prolapse are all included in this category. These emergencies must be dealt with quickly and efficiently and usually
require a well-trained technical staff and multiple doctors to remedy the situation. Definitely not one for the homeowner.

Foal Emergencies: Another broad category that includes meconium impaction, foal colic, septicemia, hypoxia, neonatal diarrhea, failures of  colostrum transfer, contracted tendons and any number of medical and surgical conditions that affect foals in the first hours to days to weeks of life. These are special conditions that require intense effort and technical expertise on the part of the veterinary crew and represent true medical emergencies where a few hours can mean the difference in saving a foal’s life.

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