First Step for Scheduling Classes

Our company has strict criteria for what must be done to schedule a class. We must receive some vital information about the host, location of class, etc. PRIOR to hosting the class. In this module you will watch a video tutorial on how to schedule a class for yourself once you have found one. All classes must be scheduled with us and instructors are not permitted to hold classes independently from our company.

Clarification on websites:– Main company site (this is the one you are taking this training on and the one you will predominantly using)– On Demand Virtual Courses (this is our sister company. If you join our Affiliate program it will be on this site)

You need to be familiar with all three sites and what services they offer. In person classes and services are hosted on the site for the country they are being held in. On demand courses are available internationally and anyone in the world can take one of our courses online at the Academy.

The Class Request form is the first step in getting a Pet Emergency Education class scheduled and set up. Without this completed form, the class does not exist. Once you find a location to host a class have the host go to this link and fill out the online form or you may fill out the form for them. This sends all of the essential information to our office so that we are able to begin the registration process. Again, NO class is permitted to be held nor registrations taken until the Class Request form is completed and submitted for the class and the class is approved by our office.

Become very familiar with the Class Request forms and which each is used for. The forms can be found at the links below. There are three different forms (public classes, private classes and fundraiser classes). If the wrong form is filled out it can result in a class not being set up.

Click Here for the Request a Class Page on our website

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