Grading Requirements

There are 6 modules in this training

Each module contains the following (except module 4 FEMA training)

  • Important Module Guidelines
  • Video Tutorials
  • Assigned Readings
  • Class Resources
  • Module Quiz
You need to review all of the components in each module thoroughly. If its in the folder….you need to know it.

Module 4- FEMA training (US Instructors Only)

  • Instructors living and/or teaching classes in the US need to complete the FEMA certification course which is linked to this training program in Module 4. You will see a link to access the course and another link to upload your Certificate of Completion that you will receive from FEMA. You must complete the program and upload your certificate before you can proceed to Module 5. Canadian instructors please contact your training manager to about this section.
  • Pass the accompanying module quizzes with an 90% or higher

Required Documentation to be uploaded in Module 6

  • Every instructor must have the following paperwork on file before they can access to the final exam
  • IRS Form W9 (US instructors only)
  • Clear head shot of themselves preferable with an animal
  • 3-4 sentence biography written in 3rd person describing their animal experience.

Documentation is to be uploaded to the specified links in the “Required Instructor Paperwork” folder in Module 6.

You must pass each of the quizzes and final exam with a minimum of a 90%

*Remember, you must earn an 90% or higher on each module in order to be able to move to the next module. All modules need to be completed before you can proceed to the final exam.

Instructor’s Kit

Instructors kits must be purchased in Module 6. This will provide you with enough time to receive your kit in order to teach your first class. A link to purchase the kit will be located in Module 6. 

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