Avian First Aid Kit

Avian First Aid Kit



Medical emergencies that involve animals should have first aid administered immediately. These situations are considered a health crisis and many can become life threatening very quickly. Appropriate first aid measures can keep your animal alive until you are able to get to a veterinary hospital, can prevent a traumatic injury from getting worse and alleviate pain for your pet. Any pet owner, animal lover and animal business professional needs to have the essential first aid supplies handy if and when an emergency occurs with an animal.

Pet first aid kits need to have a variety of medical supplies in them so that no matter what the emergency you have what you need to manage it. There are a number of commercial first aid kits available for purchase at retail stores and online websites focused on animal care however we strongly recommend the Pet Emergency Education Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit for your reptile. The kit is designed with the necessary supplies needed to manage a medical emergency for your pet. Click Here for more information and to purchase yours today!

Basic First Aid Supplies for Birds

  • Styptic Powder (stops toenail or broken blood feather bleeding)
  •  Pair of latex gloves (to minimize infection)
  •  Bottle of Eye & Skin Wash (flush wounds or eyes)
  •  1″ x 6 yd. sterile gauze bandage
  • Pair of Scissors (for cutting tape, bandages)
  • Pair of 5″ Locking Forceps (to pull broken blood feathers)
  •  PVP Iodine Antiseptic Swabs
  • Pkg. 2″ x 2″ Gauze Pads (to cover wounds or burns)
  • Cotton Swabs (for cleaning wounds)
  • Roll of 1/2″ x 2.5 yd. Adhesive Tape
  • Hand Wipe (personal cleanup)
  • Bird Emergency Information Card (vet contact info)
  • Bird Kit Direction Card (helpful emergency info)

Remember, first aid is intended to stabilize a sick or injured pet so that, if needed, it can be tended to by a medical professional. When a bird is sick and/or injured administer first aid to attempt to stabilize it, and simultaneously plan transportation to the vet, find a transport container, and get on the road.  One of the biggest mistakes people make during a time of crisis is waiting too long. “Let’s just watch and see how it does,” could be the last words that pet hears.


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