Types of Domestic/Pet Birds

Types of Birds

Birds of all kinds are increasingly popular as pets. Statistics from a survey completed by the American Pet Products Association shows that Americans own 16.2 million pet birds.

Many birds especially the larger ones, can be very loud, and may be quite messy. In addition, certain birds, such as cockatoos, require a great deal of time out of their cages or they will pick their feathers and scream.

There are a few common groups of birds:

  1. Budgerigars
  2. Hookbills
  3. Softbills
  4. Poultry

The terms “softbill” and “hookbill” are used to describe different types of birds based on their diet, not solely on their beaks. Although hookbill birds have hooked beaks, the beaks of softbills are not soft. The “soft” refers to the food they eat. If you have acquired a pet bird, feeding the proper diet is important.

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