Validating Certification

How to Make Sure Someone Has Earned Their Certification

Validating our certification is very important. One of the best-selling features of our classes is the fact that we do certify participants where many of our competitors do not. We are proud to be an honest, fair, and credible organization that has processes in place pertaining to the way we manage our classes and award certifications to our participants.

You, as an instructor with Pet Emergency Education, are a gatekeeper for certification. We put great trust in you to determine who should be certified in your classes. We provide you with the training you need to make that decision. The most important factor that differentiates certification from things such as “Certificate of Completion” are that when someone is certified it means they were assessed or tested to be sure that they knew the information. Certificates of completion are given out simply for showing up. It doesn’t mean you that you actually learned anything and therefore holds very little value.

During the training you are required to “test” or assess them on the CPR skills. It is suggested to break participants up into 4 stations around the room and allow them to practice all of the CPR steps that you just taught them. Before the class ends you are to watch each and every person (no more than 2 at once) perform CPR on one of your mannequins. As long as they perform the steps with very few mistakes we can award them certification. If they make too many mistakes, let them practice some more and then test again. It is very rare for someone to not get certified in one of our classes. If you ever have questions about how to time out your class or suggestion on testing please contact our Director of Operations at or 844-PET-CPR9.

People that pay $$ to attend a training class like ours tend to take it very seriously. Also, they all received the E-Book ahead of time and many have an idea of what is expected.

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