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All course materials for all the classes you are eligible to teach are located in the instructor portal. You will be given access to the portal when you graduate from this training. You will use the same username and password you have for this course to access your member account. Anytime we add a new class or update a PowerPoint or e-book you will be able to download them from the Instructor Portal. Below you will see a detailed description about each class we offer.

Disclaimer for all classes: Our classes in no way will teach how to administer veterinary care; they are introductory emergency first aid courses for pet owners and animal professionals to learn how to manage a medical emergency until veterinary care can be ascertained.

Medication Policy: Instructors are not allowed to discuss medications, prescriptions, over the counter medications nor any home remedies in our classes.  Recommending or giving any advice about drugs, remedies or dosages is a liability. If someone uses the information you provide about these topics with their pet and the pet sustains serious injury, or even death, you are legally responsible. Also, states have laws called Practice Acts that dictate that only a licensed veterinarian can prescribe or advice on drugs and medications.

E-books– Scan the QR code below or click the link to access our library of E-books for our classes. E-books are copyrighted and protected as proprietary material. Under now circumstances is anyone allowed to use our E-books and PowerPoints for any purpose other than teaching one of our classes under our jurisdiction. Content from the Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Reference Guide E-book will appear on quizzes and exams throughout the remainder for this course.

PetCPR+ (most popular)

The PetCPR+ Certification program is designed to train the participant in canine and feline CPR and First Aid. It is our foundation animal CPR training that is ideal for anyone who loves animals including animal professionals, obedience trainers, kennel staff, pet retailers, pet sitters, animal shelter staff/volunteers, rescue personnel, groomers, First Responders, Fire/EMT and pet owners. It provides the participant an overview of what to do in an emergency situation with their pet prior to getting veterinary care.

Topics covered in this class will include safe handling, restraint and transportation of sick and/or injured pets, obtaining vital signs and assessing an emergency situation, how to determine if an animal is experiencing a medical emergency, how to manage common medical emergencies including shock, allergic reactions, burns, wounds and bandaging, trauma, poisoning, choking and more. Participants will learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation using the most current veterinary endorsed methods. This is our most popular class.


Wilderness First Aid for dogs is our newest class. It is quickly becoming very popular in certain areas of the country.  The Wilderness First Aid for Dogs course is for outdoor enthusiasts who like to take their dogs on their adventures where access to emergency veterinary care is unavailable. Learn to help increase your dog’s chance of survival and/or prevent their medical emergencies from getting worse by knowing what to do when emergencies happen during outdoor activities. This is a comprehensive detailed program that focuses on wilderness first aid and the management of medical emergencies that can happen to your dog in remote areas, trail hiking, camping, water activities and more. Topics to be discussed include: how to perform emergency triage on your dog, safely transport injured animals to veterinary care from remote locations, how to obtain vital signs, determine normal vs abnormal readings, materials in a canine wilderness first aid kit and what each is used for, how to manage medical emergencies such as wounds, fractures, heat stroke, snake bites, burns, choking and more. Participants will participate in a fun hands on workshop during the class performing canine CPR on professional CPR mannequins to become certified in Canine Wilderness First Aid and CPR.

PetCPR+ for Grooming Professionals

This course is a customized version of our PetCPR+ Certification program and is designed to train animal groomers, salon staff and owners how to manage medical emergencies that can happen in the grooming environment. There are a number of injuries that can occur in a grooming salon such as heatstroke, lacerations from shears/clippers, stress anxiety and more. It provides the participant an overview of what to do in an emergency situation at the salon prior to obtaining veterinary care. 

There is not a separate book for this class. There is one in the writing stage however we do not believe it will be available until sometime in 2019. Currently we are providing our PetCPR+ book to the participants in this class.


Our EquiAid Emergency First Aid for Horses provides an introductory overview of how to manage common medical emergencies when they happen to horses. This does not include any advanced veterinary medical content regulated by law and the state veterinary practice act. The training combines lecture and demonstration on models in a classroom setting. It is possible to do a training with live horses however you must meet with owner Amy D’Andrea to discuss liability and waivers.

Topics include: Transporting and restraining sick and/or injured horses, how to prepare an emergency plan and first aid kit for your farm, how to perform triage, physical assessments including obtaining vital signs, traumatic injuries such as wounds and fractures, how to apply an emergency splint, how to perform quick release ties and use safety ropes, important supplies in the equine first aid kit and how to use them, severe bleeding, burns, eye injuries, digestive Issues, emergencies that happen on the trail and horse shows and more. Requires additional instructor kit


PetCPR+ Advanced

The PetCPR+ Advanced CPR and Emergency Care class is ONLY for veterinary professionals. This class can only be taught by a credentialed veterinary technician or a licensed veterinarian as the material covers skills, equipment and procedures that can only be done by a licensed veterinary professional. Veterinary Technicians, Assistants, Veterinarians and support personnel will find that the material covered in our advanced program better suited for their needs.

Topics covered in this class will include; how to communicate effectively during an emergency situation both with clients and other staff members, how to triage a patient and determine medical need, develop an emergency plan for your hospital, how to function as an ICU team during an emergency, how to recognize and manage a variety of emergency conditions, how to properly use monitoring equipment in the ICU, fluid therapy, how to perform manual and ventilated CPR and more. The class includes a hands on experience performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation using industry standard methods. Veterinary professionals will receive 3 CEU for attending this class. Our certification classes are becoming the choice for veterinary hospitals and clinics to validate their staff training for accreditation.

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