EDU-Attendance Roster

Schools using the on-demand virtual training academy will not receive an attendance roster. Attendance rosters are only used by faculty teaching in the classroom. The attendance roster is a document that lists the names of all the students who have been preregistered for one of our courses.  The roster is very important as it is the main way our office can prove that a person participated in one of our programs and was tested on the material.  Without the attendance roster Pet Emergency Education would not be able to issue a student their certificate.

Faculty are fully responsible for creating an attendance sheet and having each student sign it when they complete the program. Enrollment spreadsheets can easily be transformed into an attendance. The only addition would need to be a line next to each students’ name so that they can sign it when they attend the class.

Pet Emergency Education requires participants to sign attendance sheets to verify their presence in the class. 

Click Here to download a sample Attendance Sheet


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