EXO- Lesson 3- Choking

Choking happens when a pet is unable to breathe because something is either partially or completely obstructing its windpipe. Pet birds, especially babies, can easily choke on liquids or small pieces broken off of a bird toy, and its common for reptiles to choke if they are fed something that is too large for them to swallow. Small mammals can choke on a variety of things similar to dogs and cats. First and foremost try not to panic. You need to try and keep calm so that you can properly manage the situation and try to save the pet’s life. The video below shows a method of helping a small mammal such as a rabbit that is choking.

Choking can occur when something becomes lodged in the trachea. Signs for birds, lizards, mice, and hamsters:

  • Extended neck or gasping for air
  • Turn pet upside down without restraining head
  • Gently but firmly pat the back to help dislodge the object, Gravity and the natural jaw movements can help dislodge the object, Follow-up with a veterinarian
  • Snakes cannot choke due to their anatomy, Rats very rarely choke due to their anatomy

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