IN- Program Curriculum Certification

Instructors must complete the on-demand certification course for each of the programs they plan to teach in order to learn the topics, content, and curriculum. This will also certify the instructor in the subject matter they will be teaching.

This is a separate certification from your instructor certification and is administered on our on-demand Academy

Academy certification only validates that a person knows the material and can perform the skills on animals. It does not qualify them to teach it. This is complimentary and included in your  enrollment in this training. 




Instructors are welcome to teach any or all of our training programs as long as their experince with animals makes them qualified for the subject matter. At this point in the training, you will need to complete the on-demand training and certification program for each of the courses you would like to teach. Click Here to read a full course description for each of our programs. Once you have chosen which courses you will be teaching you will need to enroll in those courses to receive your individual course certifications through our Pet Emergency Education On Demand Academy at  Please be aware that academy accounts are completely separate from your account here on our main site. You will receive a separate login for the academy and your credentials on this site for your instructor training will not work on the academy. THIS TRAINING IS ON A SEPEATE WEBSITE. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS IT FROM THIS WEBSITE WHERE YOU INSTRUCTOR TRAINING IS HOSTED.

Fill out the form below to sign up for the courses you wish to take. Our office will email you your academy login within 2-3 business days once your form is received. 

The academy course will teach you the entire content of each program, objectives, and curriculum. You will also receive a link for the eBook for each course in the first module which you can save in your browser to share with your students when they take the training. Once you successful complete the course training and certification you will receive a certificate for that course. 

You are required to upload your certificate on the next page using the upload link in order to be approved to teach that subject matter. If you have any questions or need help with this portion of the training do not hesitate to contact us.

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