About Us

Pet Emergency Academy is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to educating pet owners and animal professionals in pet emergency response and first aid. Renowned for their comprehensive virtual training programs, they offer a range of classes that cover everything from basic first aid and CPR techniques to advanced emergency care. The academy’s courses are designed by credentialed veterinary professionals who bring real-world experience and a deep understanding of animal health and safety to the course content. Their curriculum is constantly updated to include the latest best practices and research in veterinary medicine. Beyond their educational offerings, Pet Emergency Academy is also committed to promoting pet safety awareness and supporting various animal welfare initiatives. They have become a trusted resource for pet owners, veterinary staff, animal rescue workers, and pet care professionals, aiming to create a community where every pet’s health and well-being is a priority.

Pet Emergency Academy is a collaborative effort created by animal and veterinary professionals coming together to develop high quality, relevant and industry specific online certification and continuing education programs. Our curriculum is designed by experts in their field with a wealth of experience in the subject matter.

Certificates are increasingly recognized by employers and clients as validation of special skills and knowledge. Our certificate programs offer the possibility to pet owners and animal professionals alike to study broad or specialized areas of pet first aid.

Earning a certificate demonstrates your willingness to make both the financial and time commitments necessary for professional and career development and success. A certificate is only as good as the knowledge and skills gained by the student and Pet Emergency Academy proudly stands behind you with our name on your Certification.

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