Request a Private Zoom Training for Your Group

Host a private live virtual certification class via Zoom for staff, clients, customers, group members, or even a group of friends!
The group can log in and participate in the presentation together or individuals can log in on their own devices at different locations

Requirements in order to participate:

Good solid internet connection

Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Webcam (you must be viewable in your webcam for the entire class) Microphone

Floor or table viewable for the instructor with a stuffed animal in order to perform CPR in classes that teach this topic

Everyone registered for the class MUST be visible and present during the entire presentation. If your group is sharing a device EVERYONE  MUST BE VISIBLE during the presentation.

Attendance and participation are mandatory for certification.

**This is an interactive class which means you must have audio and video access so that the instructor can see and hear you during the class. If you are hosting a class that teaches animal CPR each person must have their own stuffed animal(s) to practice on for the CPR portion.**

The classes are approximately 3 hours long

Fill out the form below to request a  private virtual live class with Pet Emergency Education.  A private class is a training session that is held for only your group of participants and is not open to the general public. Private classes are not eligible to be fundraisers. Once submitted, someone from our staff will contact you within a few business days to complete setting up your class. You must register at least 8 paid participants in order to host a private Zoom class. If you have less than 8 people you are welcome to attend one of our public Zoom classes held every 1-2 months. Please check the course listing at this link:

Click Here for a list of upcoming public virtual live classes.

Groups hosting a private class will be provided registration and payment options once a date is set and the instructor is confirmed. 

The standard registration fee for all of our classes is $74.95 per person*

All registrations come with: 

An Official Frameable Certificate

2 year subscription to our online Animal Emergency Resource Center

Complimentary interactive reference guide as an e-book (printed manual available for an additional $24.95)

Businesses, organizations and groups may request a professional, customized lobby certificate and window decal to hang in their place of business to promote that their staff/members are certified

*For detailed class descriptions click here*

Our certifications are recognized by local and national organizations, employers, animal welfare organizations, disaster response teams and more

Certification is valid for 2 years which is the industry standard. Click Here to learn why certification renewals are so important.

We are proud to offer an extremely competitive registration fee for our classes.  If you find a lower price for a comparable class we will match it!  Click Here for details 
*Registration fee is the same for in-person and both virtual forms of training

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about our in person classes

Request a Virtual Live Class
If you simply want more inforation or have questions and are not ready to book a class PLEASE do not fill out this form. Instead email us at
Live Zoom classes are able to be scheduled any day of the week including weekends as long a certified instructor is available. We do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time.
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