Deluxe 36pc. Equine First Aid/Triage Kit


Kit Contents:  

  • (1) 3oz Curicyn “Original Formula” Spritzer

The Curicyn Original Formulais a skin cleaner, wound cleaner and wash. Great for abrasions, cuts,  scrapes, and skin rashes, hot spots, and burns.

  • (1) 3oz Curicyn “Original Formula” Yorker

The Yorker (like the Spritzer) is a skin cleaner, wound cleaner and wash. Great for abrasions, cuts,  scrapes, skin rashes, hot spots, and burns.

  •  (1) Hoof Care Single Application Kit

The Curicyn Hoof Care Kit addresses hoof ailments that equine and livestock face. It has shown remarkable effectiveness in addressing hoof abscesses, white lines disease, thrush and other hoof specific injuries or wounds.

  • (1) 1oz Curicyn Wound Care Clay

Curicyn Wound Care Clay is prepared using a combination of refined clay, Original Formula, and several other important ingredients. It addresses open wounds and skin disorders in areas that are difficult to bandage or cover. Hence, it works in areas where a liquid product just does not work well.

  • (1) 3oz Blood Stop Powder Yorker

Blood Stop Powder aids in controlling minor bleeding from superficial cuts and wounds, as well as, after dehorning.

  • Case with Organized Dividers (1)
  • PBT Bandage (2)
  • 3×3 Gauze (4)
  • 2×2 Gauze (4)
  • 6” Cotton (4)
  • Applicators
  • Gloves (2 pair)
  • Glow Sticks (2 Single Packs)
  • Cold Compress (1)
  • Medical Scissors (1)
  • Hoof Pick (1)
  • Thermometer (1)
  • Vet Wrap (1 Roll)
  • 2oz Pack Electrolytes (1)
  • Emergency Lead Line/Rein (1)
  • Triangle Bandage (1)
  • Tweezers (1)
  • Manual (1)
  • Carry Bag (External Case) (1)

Curicyn’s Equine Triage Kit is perfect to have on hand for those unexpected emergencies.

For more information on product usage view the Curicyn Horse Care Video series at this link Click Here

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