Pet First Aid Training Course for Students Age 8-11 Years Old On-Demand

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Join our exciting Pet First Aid class designed specifically for children ages 8-11 years old who love animals! In this engaging course, your child will embark on a journey to become a skilled and compassionate caregiver for their furry friends. Through assigned readings and video tutorials participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to care for pets in an emergency. Skills included in this training include wound care, burns, allergic reactions poisoning and more. Our goal is to empower your child with the confidence and knowledge to respond effectively to emergencies, creating a safer and healthier environment for their beloved pets.       

Class Overview:

Introduction to Pet First Aid:

  • Learn the importance of pet first aid and how it helps keep our furry friends safe and healthy
  • Understand the role of a responsible pet owner and how to create a safe environment for pets

Safety Basics:

  • Discover the essentials of approaching and interacting with pets safely
  • Learn how to read basic pet body language and signals

Common Pet Injuries and Illnesses:

  • Identify common injuries and illnesses that pets may experience
  • Understand how to recognize signs of distress in pets

Course expires 30 days from date of purchase

Begin your course by clicking on the links below. The course flows in order so you must complete the previous section before you can move to the next section.  At the end of each topic you must click on the green button at the bottom right corner of the page. This will verify that you have completed that topic and give you credit in the grade book. You can monitor your progress in the course by the progress bar at the top of this page and also in the side bar. You can log in and out as many times as you like but must complete the course in 30 days from date of purchase.

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