Policies, Terms and Conditions for Affiliate Program


Organizations or individuals that sign up for the Pet Emergency Academy program agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this section. Please read the entire policies section before registering to become an affiliate. 

Your participation is solely to legally advertise our products and services on your website, social media and any other means of marketing you choose in order to receive a commission on each sale made by customers referred by your marketing means. 

By signing up for the Pet Emergency Academy affiliate program you indicate your acceptance of he policies listed in this section. 

Approval or Rejection of the Application to Become an Affiliate

Pet Emergency Academy reserves the right to approve or reject ANY affiliate program application at our sold and absolute discretion. You will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of the affiliate program application. 


Affiliates earn a sales commission for each sale made on our website using the affiliate’s link. Commissions are calculated at the end of the month and processed within 7 business days from the last date of the month. Commissions are paid out to affiliates through PayPal. Affiliates must have a PayPal account in order to receive commissions. Commissions are not earned on shipping fees or taxes collected on the sale.  The percentage of sales commission is based on the type of product sold. Commission rates are set at the onset of the relationship between you (the affiliate) and Pet Emergency Education. Commission rates will vary based on the type of product/service. 


Affiliates will not receive a commission on any products or services that a customer purchased with the Affiliate’s Affiliate link that the customer returned for a refund. If a refund is requested by a customer after the affiliate has received the commission, the commission will be held from a future payment to the affiliate. 

Termination of Relationship

Affiliate’s relationship with Pet Emergency Academy may be canceled at any time with written notice. Pet Emergency Academy agrees to pay the affiliate any remaining commission earned up until the point that the relationship was terminated. 

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