Course Referral Program


Businesses and Organizations that sign up for the Pet Emergency Academy referral program agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this section. Please read the entire policies section before signing up for the program.  Businesses and organizations must be a legal business entity with their secretary of state as one of the following; Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Scorp, or Nonprofit.  At this time sole proprietors may not participate in this program.

The referring business/organization’s participation is solely to legally advertise and sell our on-demand virtual animal emergency first aid courses on their website, social media, and any other means of marketing they choose in order to receive a commission on each sale of any Pet Emergency Academy animal emergency on-demand virtual course purchased with the referring business’s custom promotional code. 

By signing up for the Pet Emergency Academy referral program businesses/organizations agree to the policies listed in this section. 

Approval or Rejection 

Pet Emergency Academy reserves the right to approve or reject ANY referral program application at our sole and absolute discretion. Referring businesses/organizations will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of their program application. 


Businesses or organizations will earn a  commission for the sale of any virtual on-demand animal emergency first aid course made on our website using their custom promo code. Commissions are calculated at the end of the month and processed within 7 business days from the last day of the month. Commissions are paid by paper check mailed to the business/organization for any courses purchased with their custom promo code. Commissions are only earned on virtual on-demand course registrations. Commissions are not earned on products including pet first aid kits, pet first aid supplies, printed books, or any other fees collected such as shipping fees and taxes collected on the sale. The referring business/organization will earn $20 per course sold with their promo code. This relationship is between the referring business/ organization and Pet Emergency Academy. In addition, any customer, client, or associate of the referring business/organization will receive $10 off of their course registration. 


The referring business/organization will not receive a commission on refunds that are issued to a customer who purchased a course with the referring business’s promo code. If a refund is granted to a customer after the referring business/organization has already received the commission, the commission will be held from a future payment to the referring business/organization. 

Termination of Relationship

The referring business/organization’s relationship with Pet Emergency Academy may be canceled at any time with written notice. Pet Emergency Academy agrees to pay the referring business/organization any remaining commission earned up until the point that the relationship was terminated. 

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