Continuing Education Policy


Pet Emergency Academy LLC offers continuing education credits through its classes, which are recognized and approved by various continuing education entities, organizations, credentialing bodies, or licensing boards relevant to the fields of animal and veterinary care. Our commitment is to provide quality educational content that supports the ongoing professional development of participants.

Continuing Education Credits

  • The continuing education credits awarded by Pet Emergency Academy LLC are based on contact hours, with each contact hour equating to one continuing education unit (CEU). For instance, a class that is three hours long awards three CEUs. Our instructors undergo a rigorous training process and are esteemed professionals in the animal and veterinary sectors.

Accreditation and Acceptance

  • Pet Emergency Academy LLC is recognized as an approved continuing education provider by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). Despite our standing and the credibility we hold within the animal and veterinary communities, we cannot guarantee the universal acceptance of our continuing education credits or certificates by all entities, organizations, or licensing boards. The responsibility to verify the acceptability of CE credits for licensure, credential renewal, or other professional requirements rests with the class participant. 
    • Specifics on CEU Acceptance:
      General CEU: The term “continuing education” is in the public domain, and the acceptance of CEUs is subject to the discretion of employers, state licensing boards, or other organizations on an individual basis.
      Veterinary Professionals: Acceptance of CEUs for veterinary professionals may be subject to more stringent limitations, varying significantly by jurisdiction. Each state or governing body may have different criteria for CE acceptance when renewing licenses or credentials.
      RACE Approval: Some of our classes are approved for RACE CEUs, which is indicated by the presence of the RACE logo on the class registration page. However, due to various administrative reasons, not all classes are RACE approved, and currently, RACE-approved CEUs are awarded only to veterinary technicians, not veterinarians. Veterinarians will receive a professional CE certificate for submission to their respective state boards.

Participant Responsibility

  • It is crucial for class participants to verify with their respective state boards, licensing bodies, or credentialing agencies whether CE credits obtained from Pet Emergency Academy LLC classes are accepted for their specific professional requirements. Participants should ensure compliance with their jurisdiction’s requirements before assuming applicability for license renewal or credentialing.

Changes and Updates

  • Pet Emergency Academy LLC reserves the right to update or modify this Continuing Education Policy at any time. We endeavor to communicate any significant changes to our participants but also encourage individuals to review this policy periodically.

Contact Information

  • For questions or further clarification regarding our Continuing Education Policy, please contact Pet Emergency Academy LLC directly at

By participating in our classes, individuals acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this policy, understanding that the acceptance of continuing education credits is not guaranteed by Pet Emergency Academy LLC.

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