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If at any time you need assistance registering your group for your class please call 844-PET-CPR9 and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

Steps to Register Your Group

  1. Fill Out the Enrollment spreadsheet: You were provided the blank enrollment form to register your group as an .csv file attachment in your class confirmation email. You may also download Academy Group Enrollment Form. It is important that you fill in the form correctly in order to register your group and have their certificates generated properly. Please type each participants’ name, email address and name as to be displayed on their certificate into the spreadsheet EXACTLY as directed on the spreadsheet. When you save this file on your computer please make sure to name the file as your business/group name. Also make sure to save the file as an Excel, .xls, .xlsx or .csv only. Any other formats will not be accepted. Now proceed to step 2.
  2. Scroll to the Registration Type below: The quantity is the total number of people you are registering. When choosing the quantity also select what type of registration you would like ie. class registration with an ebook or with a printed book, etc. If you want all registrations with an email then choose that type of registrations. If you would like like a certain of registrations with a printed book simply choose the total number of people with an eBook first, click the purple add to cart button then go back and choose the number of registrations you would like with a printed book and then add to cart. Once you have selected all the registrations you would like click on proceed to checkout.
  3. Check Out and Payment: When you get to the check out page please fill in all of your information including your billing info. There will be a section where it will ask you to upload your spreadsheet. Click the upload file button and select the spreadsheet you created. Once uploaded you will be able to fill in your credit card information and pay for your registrations. Once your registrations are paid for you will receive a receipt confirmation for the transaction which will include further information about your class and a link to the eBooks which you can forward to the rest of your participants.

Once we receive this registration order we will enroll your group in their courses. Each person will receive an email within 24-48 hours with their log in information. 

Make sure to list on your registration form the name of the class your group is registering for

Choose Registration Package Below

Registration w/ Wilderness First Aid Kit for Dogs, Registration w/Ebook, Registration w/eBook and Equine First Aid Kit, Registration w/eBook and Pet First Aid Kit, Registration w/Printed Book, Registration w/Printed Book and Equine First Aid Kit, Registration w/Printed Book and Pet First Aid Kit

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