Instructor Orientation Program for AHA, ASHI Affiliate Training Centers

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The Pet Emergency Academy training and orientation program is a comprehensive online course that teaches first responders and human medical professionals to become certified animal emergency instructors. This course is approximately 4-6 hours long and is asynchronous; there are no live components. The 4-6 hours include one program/course curriculum training. For additional programs/courses, you will need to take an additional 2-3 hour training module to be able to teach that course. Trainees can log in and out as much as they wish however they must complete the program in 30 days.

Once you complete the course you will have 7 days from that date to print off your certificate.

After 7 days your access to the training program will expire.

You will also be required to review all of the course material and curriculum for the certification course(s) that you wish to teach. In the second module, there will be a link to access each course and its material. You will be required to take the course as if you were a participant to learn the curriculum. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the material and what to cover in your training with your students. You do not need to take all of the courses, only the ones you intend to teach. You can come back at any time in the future to take additional courses if you want to teach more courses to your students.

Below is a list of available programs/courses for you to teach to your students:

  • Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid for Horses
  • Canine Wilderness Emergency First Aid
  • Reptile, Avian and Small Mammal First Aid
  • Livestock Emergency First Aid and Wellness Care

Training Centers are required to have the necessary equipment and supplies to teach our programs you can purchase one below:

Educational Institution Instructor Supply Kit

The grading for this course is as follows:

Every lesson is tracked for completion. You complete the lessons in order. You will not be able to access the next lesson until the previous lesson is completed. For each lesson and subtopic you complete you will see a checkmark on your profile page under your course progress. There are multiple quizzes and exams that require a 100% passing score and you have 5 attempts to pass each quiz and the final exam.

As mentioned there are multiple attempts allowed for each of the items listed. Anyone who does not pass the course will be removed from the program and may reapply after 90 days. We do not guarantee re-enrollment. Modules must be completed in order, therefore you will not be able to access a module until you successfully complete the previous module. You must also pass all modules before you will be given access to the final exam.

Any participant that needs an extension to complete this training must email us PRIOR to the end date of this orientation program and request an extension. 

We have an Educators Supply kit available for purchase that includes all of the necessary mannequins and models such as canine and feline mannequins, projectors, stuffed animal models and first aid kits. If your school already owns these supplies you simply need to provide proof of ownership to our management. A list of required supplies can be found in this training program.

Please be aware that only certified instructors that are actively teaching for our company can use any of our materials including PowerPoint, curriculum, name, logo, likeness, etc. Anyone that does not complete the training and is found teaching or utilizing the material they access in this training will be subject to legal action.


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