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The Pet Emergency Academy offers an extensive online training and orientation program designed to equip educators and staff at educational institutions with the skills to become certified instructors in animal emergency care. This self-paced course spans approximately 4-6 hours, devoid of any live sessions, focusing initially on one specific program or course curriculum. To qualify for teaching additional courses, participants are required to undertake an extra 2-3 hour training module per course. Participants have the flexibility to log in and out of the course at their convenience but must complete it within 60 days.

Upon course completion, participants have a 7-day window to print their certification before their access to the course materials expires.

The training mandates a thorough review of all course materials and curricula for the certification courses instructors aim to teach. A secondary module provides access to each course’s materials, requiring instructors to engage with the courses as learners to grasp the curriculum thoroughly. Instructors need only complete the courses relevant to what they intend to teach, with the option to return and undertake additional courses as desired.

Available courses for instruction include:

Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid
Advanced CPR and Emergency Care for Veterinary Professionals
Emergency First Aid for Horses
Canine Wilderness Emergency First Aid
Reptile, Avian, and Small Mammal First Aid
Livestock Emergency First Aid and Wellness Care

For schools lacking the necessary equipment and supplies, an Educators Supply Kit is available for purchase

Click Here to Purchase Instructor Kit

The course’s grading system tracks each lesson’s completion, requiring sequential progression and the achievement of a 100% passing score on all quizzes and exams, with up to five attempts allowed. Failure to pass results in program removal, with the possibility of reapplication after 90 days, though re-enrollment is not guaranteed.

Participants needing an extension must request one via email before the program’s end date.

An Educators Supply Kit, including essential equipment like mannequins, projectors, models, and first aid kits, is available for purchase. Schools with existing supplies must provide proof of ownership.

Only certified instructors actively teaching with our company are permitted to use our materials, including presentations, curriculum, and branding. Unauthorized use of materials post-training may result in legal action.

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